The design is based on a 4-pipe fan coil air conditioning system with 2-pipe in internal spaces
The system has been designed in accordance with BCO guidance

Design criteria

Internal blinds: Provided for comfort and glare

Occupancy: 1 person ⁄ 8 sq m

Fresh air: 12 l/s/person for 1 person / 8 sq m

Summer internal temperature: 22˚C ± 2˚C

Winter internal temperature: 22˚C ± 2˚C

Toilet and circulation spaces: 18˚C (Winter)

22 ˚C (Summer)

WC design density

Office floors: 1:8 sq m/person (assuming a ratio
of 60:60 male:female) 20% absenteeism

Provision for tenant kitchenette

Allowance for future tenant kitchenette is provided with a boosted cold water supply and drainage stack to each office tenancy floor

For a single larger kitchen facility a natural gas supply rises up the building and space is available at roof level for 1 office tenant kitchen extract fan with dedicated riser serving first to eighth floors