The main cladding consists of predominantly natural and reconstituted stone façades with aluminium framed windows and curtain walling. All glazed elements will have clear double glazed units

Floor to ceiling heights

Eighth Floor 2.60m

Seventh Floor 2.75m

Sixth Floor 2.75m

Fifth Floor 2.85m

Fourth Floor 2.85m

Third Floor 2.85m

Second Floor 2.85m

First Floor 2.85m

Ground Floor (entrance) 4.50m

Ground Floor (office) 4.50m

Lower Ground (office) 2.85m

Typical raised floor void 150mm

Planning grid 1.5m × 1.5m

Floor loading

Office floors:

3.5 +1kN per sq m live load + partitions

All office floors also have an allowance for 0.85kN per sq m super-imposed dead load allowance for finishes and services